Main Business

Continuous scientific and technological innovation, have the courage to technological innovation, constantly trying process improvement, make use of the advantage of backwardness, to build a high degree of automation, the most mature technology level, the largest technology, the world's leading production technology platform, keep a step ahead forever of technology competitiveness.

Polycrystalline battery technology--Efficient process production breakthrough 18.5%, conventional process production breakthrough 18%, all up to the PID technical standard.

Double glass component technology--For the first time to realize the mass production of the double glass component, various technical indexes are in the world leading level.

The company has research and development platform including enterprise technology center of Jiangsu province, engineering technology research center of Jiangsu province, Zhenjiang enterprise technology center, Zhenjiang engineering technology research and development center, undertake the national Torch Program, the national key new products and other research projects, it has 4 authorized invention patents, 45 utility model patents in the aspect of intellectual property rights. 


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