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CECEP Solar Energy Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd. Is Granted the Honorary Title of “2019 Top 10 Enterprises in Photovoltaic Product Quality”

来源:中节能太阳能科技(镇江)有限公司 时间:2019-07-22 【字号:

The Seminar on the Reliability of Chinese Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation (PVRC), sponsored by Chinese Renewable Energy Society, was grandly held in Suzhou from July 20 to 21.

Leveraging the efficient and reliable solar cell and PV module, CECEP Solar Energy Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhenjiang Company”) was granted the honorary title of “2019 Top 10 Enterprises in Photovoltaic Product Quality”.

The Seminar centers on the orientations such as the “Quality Improvement of High-efficiency Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell and Analysis on Influencing Factors”, and “Analysis on the Quality and Reliability of Crystalline Silicon PV Module”. On the Seminar, representatives of Zhenjiang Company discussed the approaches to enhancing the reliability of all products along the PV industry chain to further accelerate the technological progress and development of the sector with industrial experts and peers.

The recent release of the Overall Situation of the Bidding for State Subsidies for Photovoltaic Power Generation Projects in 2019 by the General Administration Department, National Energy Administration has germinated the bidding era of PV industry, which has also ushered in a new stage of development. To respond to the heated market competition, the PV industry insiders spontaneously have attached great importance to respective competitiveness. While always devoting itself to the R&D of photovoltaic technology, the manufacturing & marketing of photovoltaic products, and the design & execution of photovoltaic system, Zhenjiang Company motivated by scientific and technological innovation has emphasized the R&D and application of products to constantly strengthen its core competitiveness.


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