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CECEP Solar Energy Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd. Is Awarded the “Annual Excellent Quality Award & Annual Golden Module Award”

来源:中节能太阳能科技(镇江)有限公司 时间:2019-08-30 【字号:

In August 2019, “The 2nd Seminar on Double-sided PV Module Power Generation & Grid Parity Technical Route 2019” sponsored by TÜV NORD and Molepv was convened in Suzhou. CECEP Solar Energy Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhenjiang Company”) representatives and peers from other enterprises and industry experts had in-depth discussions on the application and power generation of double-sided PV module.

On the Award Ceremony of “2019 Photovoltaic Technology Guide Award” simultaneously held, Zhenjiang Company, by virtue of the excellent performance and service of PVB double-sided and double-glazed PV module, was awarded the “Annual Excellent Quality Award” & “Annual Golden Module Award”.



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